My name is Anies Hassan. I originally qualified as an archaeologist, obtaining an MSc in Archaeological Science in my home town at University College London, UK; a career choice that took me all over the world (Peru, Belize, Egypt, Turkey, Iceland, Qatar, Bahrain, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece and of course the UK). In 2008, whilst helping to run a large commercial archaeological site in London, I discovered a passion for videography. I was asked by the company director to make a series of outreach videos showing how and why the site was being excavated and quickly decided to pursue a career in videography. I subsequently produced videos for various non-profit organisations as well as more traditional video production (commercials, music videos, short films, etc). In 2011 I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I have continued to work in the industry. Although specialising in the editing process I have also acted as Camera Operator, D.I.T, sound technician, grip and general PA.